About Us

Our Story

Hope Body & Skin was founded on the principle that we all deserve to have the amazing kind of skin we wish to have! We specialize in body products for all skin types, but most importantly for us... melanated skin. This is done through basic formulas that have stood the test of time as body healthy products. We are 90% organic, with the use of some light fragrances in particular products. 

We are a small Black owned business based in Maryland. All of our products are made in small batches to ensure quality, with the main ingredient is most products being Shea Butter. 

Although, we officially began in Summer 2020, we've been making our own skincare products in house for nearly the last decade. Our love for skincare products began with our founder's grandfather in Trinidad & Tobago constantly providing home remedies for his family. This was passed down to her mom, then her. Our founder, Amanda, is a certified DIYer and wanted to make good quality skincare accessible to all people that look like her! Happy Shopping!